Monday, May 30, 2011

Microsoft Kinect for Windows

And in the last 5 seconds we have the old and good blue screen.

Sorry, I was kidding hahaha.


iPhone Dock Fan

Prepare your iPhone for summer heat!

These Chinese guys have nothing more to invent.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Google Wallet - Mobile Payment

How about having a nice cold coke without having any money or plastic cards?
Many people say that mobile payment is the future, so let's have a look at Google technology.


Nokia N9 - Teaser

One thing I loved about the N900 I had was the physical under-screen keyboard. Fortunately it is back on Nokia N9. We still don't have the details about the cell phone, but for this teaser I can say that it is a very cool phone!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nokia Oro - Luxury Smartphone?!!

While the other companies like Samsung, Apple, Motorola and LG are trying hard to make top performance devices, Nokia is looking for a different market.

At least the user of this kind of device will not complain about the SO, RAM memory and CPU


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mini Opera available for iPhone and iPad

If you are not a Safari fan you can use now Mini Opera.
Check the apple store! Also, the promo video:

I'll try this later, than I can post some comments!


IOS 5 Dashboard Concept!

I just saw this video about IOS 5:

Look at the 39th second of the video. It is a message to Steve Jobs saying: "Great idea! I think it could work".
What a bad joke! Steve Jobs is just using the same idea that Android does and that nokia used years ago with Maemo and N900.

For me there is no "good idea" or "it could work". If apple insists to be a bit more late to have this concept for the devices they will break one more time.


Path - The new Social Network

This guy Dave Morin, is launching a new social network named "Path" -
He used to work for Facebook, but he realized that a social network that allows you to connect with as many people you want do not work properly, because your brain can't even process your relations when they are above 130.
So, he created this new social network that promises to create closer relations between the users by keeping a restrict number of friends (about 50) per user. There is also a video available:

In my opinion this guy is just a macfag that realized how to become a millionaire by stilling a stolen idea!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2

That's it, a new challenger appears!
Let's check out the new cell phone from Samsung and see if it is a real rival for the iPhone


Motorola Atrix vs iPhone 4!

Hi guys,
These cell phones are for sure the best devices in the market! But which one is better?
The video bellow will show the differences, strengths and weakness of each device.


Windows Phone Mango

They say that Windows phones are dead but guess what, Microsoft is now working to enter again in the smartphones market!

Introducing the new chalenger: Mango!

Follow the link to the full analysis:
All the Best New Features in Windows Phone Mango - Gizmodo


Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2

Hi guys! You might be asking yourselves which one is better: Motorola Xoom or iPad 2. 
I found this review and I'd like to share it with you. 

If you are getting started in the age of tablets you should know what you are buying before actually buying it! :D
Bottom line: I think that Android makes much more advantage of the hardware by having widgets and more interactive applications just in the desktop of the tablet. IOS is a little bit late in implementing something similar, people are really starting to get bored of the square icons!
For a completely non technology friend user I would recommend the iPad 2. Otherwise, if you enjoy personalizing your device and is a technology fan go with the Motorola Xoom!


Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Make iPhone/ 3G/ 3GS/ 4 Ringtones Yourself

That's it, convert mp3 music to ringtones! Very easy, just follow the steps in the video!


How to jailbreak IOS 4.3.1


First post

This blog is about Technology!
For this first post I'm not really sure if I want to find something useful about technology and post here...
After some moments reflecting about what to do I will just post these few lines and start to think about some cool things to post here.