Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2

Hi guys! You might be asking yourselves which one is better: Motorola Xoom or iPad 2. 
I found this review and I'd like to share it with you. 

If you are getting started in the age of tablets you should know what you are buying before actually buying it! :D
Bottom line: I think that Android makes much more advantage of the hardware by having widgets and more interactive applications just in the desktop of the tablet. IOS is a little bit late in implementing something similar, people are really starting to get bored of the square icons!
For a completely non technology friend user I would recommend the iPad 2. Otherwise, if you enjoy personalizing your device and is a technology fan go with the Motorola Xoom!



  1. I'd love to have enough money for either :/ sadly I'm poor as shit though :P

  2. I too feel left behind in the tablet department. Feels bad man.

  3. Wish I could afford a tablet as well. They both look pretty awesome

  4. Thanks for posting this, i was actually shopping for a tablet today and it was definitely between these two but now i know that i am going to go with the xoom... thnaks!

  5. never seen Motorola Xoom... Thanx for it

  6. As you said it man, greatest tablet.
    I would buy a xoom but don't have the money for it atm + my Desire HD is decent alternative for the moment 4 inch screen and twice or even triple the battery life